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Environmental Planning and Policy

We combine academic research, big data, forecasting models and information from a host of sources to inform practical environmental solutions and policy decisions across the public and private sector.

Using data science, risk modelling and environmental expertise to provide policy advice and solutions that help government and industry work sustainably to create more resilient societies, agriculture and ecosystems.

Our work in environmental planning and policy supports government departments, development institutions, local authorities, retailers, chemical companies, water companies, individual growers and farmers and many other organisations whose work has an impact on the environment.

Agricultural Environments

Our work involves monitoring and surveillance of biodiversity, pollinators, over time to assess the impacts of specific policies, schemes and practices. Using this evidence, we can provide advice on modifications to farming practices, Agri-environment policies and incentive schemes to ensure they optimise benefits and minimise detrimental effects on the environment.

For businesses, adopting climate and environmentally sound practices and policies can contribute to your corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. We can provide the evidence and advice you need to implement responsible practices and systems in your business.

Monitoring and evaluation of agricultural environments

Support and advise on sustainable approachable to agriculture

Provide scientific evidence to policymakers and industry

Land management advisory for the benefit of biodiversity


Ecosustain can help you to understand the likely impacts and cost-effectiveness of your decisions and actions, so you can make well-informed choices on how to deploy the economic resources available.

  • Economic appraisals of policies and their impacts
  • Risk and uncertainty assessments
  • Support public and private sector decision-makers and policy-makers
  • Use and apply scientific to optimise resources for social and environmental benefit



Land Use & Sustainability

Ecosustain brings together evidence and insights from across our work in agricultural-environmental stewardship, remote sensing, spatial analysis and mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), pollinator research and pesticide usage surveys

  • Assess social, economic and environmental impacts of land management activities
  • Collate evidence from multiple surveillance, mapping and research studies
  • Advise decision makers on sustainable land use policies
  • Monitoring and evaluation of agricultural-environment schemes and programmes relating to the environmental sustainability of agriculture.
  • Water efficiency audits
  • Nutrient application for plant & environment
  • Nutrient budgeting and Monitoring
  • Ground & surface water monitoring
  • Soil rehabilitation
  • Ecotourism- assessment and planning
  • Water quality monitoring: drinking, spray & irrigation