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Field crops & horticulture

Ecosustain provides innovative products and a broad range of agricultural services to help agribusiness meet demands for greater efficiency and improved product quality while remaining economically and environmentally sustainable. Ecosustain’s experienced production agronomy and agricultural sustainability team works closely with farmers, corporate clients and government agencies in all sectors of agriculture in Tasmania. We use the latest technologies and build strong relationships with our clients, creating sustainable and profitable businesses within an internationally-competitive industry

  • We can help with the identification, risk assessment, monitoring and control of major pests and pathogens affecting your crops and plants

  • Help detect, identify and control pests and weeds in growing crops and stored produce including designing pest management programs (develop integrated pest management strategies).

  • Help reduce the risk of yield loss due to weeds, pests and disease infestations through surveillance and risk forecasting



Crop planning

The increase in climate variability, land degradation, soil & water stress means that farmers must produce more with fewer resources. Each piece of land is unique and land-users need to make data-driven decisions that inform resilient, sustainable and productive agricultural systems.

  • Variety selection & seeding program
  • Fertilizer and chemical requirements
  • Irrigation scheduling and monitoring
  • Financial budgeting

Crop & pasture Nutrition

  • Soil & Plant tissues sampling and testing
  • Soil nutrient management and monitoring
  • Test results interpretation & advice
  • Fertilizer and soil ameliorates Program evaluation and recommendations
  • Spray & Irrigation water testing & monitoring
  • Diagnosis of deficiencies & toxicity

Crop & pasture Health

  • Disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Pest monitoring & treatment
  • Integrated pest management
  • Spraying water quality testing and monitoring
  • Weed identification and control


  • Tropic production issues
  • Product validation
  • Agronomic


  • Product quality and yield monitoring
  • Post harvesting handle & market access
  • Crop performance analysis