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Energy renewables

A significant percentage of the world’s population is without reliable energy sources. These households and businesses can be provided with modern, clean and affordable electricity using decentralised solar technologies. EcoSustain has expertise in the provision of off-grid energy solutions that are essential for addressing major electricity deficits in developing countries. We work with you to enhance energy use efficiency and minimising the environmental impacts of your operations.

How we help:

  • Identifying energy savings and providing behavioural change training
  • Energy efficient buildings, cities and industries
  • Access to financing for low-energy access and power generation
  • Risk mitigation for resilient ecosystems
  • Renewable energy- capabilities, assessments and sourcing
  • Resilient infrastructure and built environment to climate change threats
  • Appropriate business models to scale up energy access
  • Energy efficient farming systems
  • Energy efficient & climate resilient organisations, cities and communities