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Climate & Environment

Biodiversity & Ecosystems

The world is seeing increasing biodiversity deficits which are exacerbating the impacts of climate change, diminishing our ability to adapt to shifting environments. This makes biodiversity conservation a high priority, especially in communities that are most vulnerable to climate change risks.

Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism which focuses on promoting natural areas that reflect a balance between the environment, culture, and perpetual biodiversity.

How we can help

  • Design operations that benefit local communities, and their culture while minimising environmental impacts
  • Designing accommodation that protects sensitive environments and promotes natural regeneration.


Ecosustain use NATA accredited laboratories for analysis.

Services include:

Environmental Monitoring

  • Land rehabilitation
  • Weed and pest management
  • Water quality monitoring (ground, surface and marine waters)
  • Reviewing Environment Monitoring Programs (REMP)
  • Soil and sediment sampling

Environmental Management

  • Environmental compliance auditing
  • Environmental management plans (EMP)
  • Environmental risk management
  • Best Management Practices

Water quality monitoring

Ecosustain has in-house skills to provide integrated surface water and groundwater quality assessment to its clients. This includes assessment of water quality impacts in catchment, lake, river, wetland, estuary and ocean environments including groundwater.

These include:

  • Surface water quality sampling, monitoring and reporting;
  • Baseline water quality assessment to establish environmental values for fresh and marine ecosystems; and
  • Continual monitoring and assessment for ecosystem health and water quality trends.

Ecosustain has modern equipment and is capable of rapid mobilisation for one-off sampling events through to long term monitoring programs. All equipment is maintained and routinely calibrated to comply with our quality systems.

Climate change & Natural resources

Natural Resource Management

Ecosustain can assist clients with various natural resource management disciplines including:

  • Ecological surveys;
  • Development of farming management systems;
  • Land management audits;
  • Weed mapping and management plans;
  • Land and water management plans;
  • Data collation and interpretation;
  • Monitoring programs;
  • Sediment and runoff management;
  • Pest surveys and management;
  • Aerial photography of properties;

We work closely with landowners, government agencies, Natural Resource Management groups, local communities and conservation groups, to ensure our solutions are inline with sustainable development. One of our directors (Dr Gus Manatsa) has worked with grower groups, researchers, development agencies and regulators to determine appropriate investments focus for natural resource projects in the livestock and grain cropping industries.

 Talk to Gus on +61410159947, email: